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Love Capacity is the measure of your ability to receive, provide and be accountable for love. It is important that we measure each person’s capacity to love so that we can match individuals who love at the same capacity. Two people who love at a low capacity have the same understanding of love. Two people who love at a higher capacity have a greater expectation of love. A low capacity lover + a high capacity lover may equal a bad marriage. The purpose of the Love Capacity book is to expand the reader’s capacity to love. If we can close the Love Capacity gap between spouses we can save marriages, lots of them. The process of closing the Love Capacity gap starts with the completion of the love testing tool: The Love Capacity Quiz. The quiz identifies what your Love Capacity is today to establish a starting point. Husbands and wives take the exact same quiz. The quiz was created from common statements that spouses make during relationship counseling.